Water Sports

I think it was Mr Toad in "Wind in the Willows" who said "nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats". I have to agree with him. The feeling of freedom when you are sailing is something without compare.

Here are some of our adventures in and on the water


Back in 1992 somebody at Neills work suggested that we go white water rafting on the Inn. At the time Alison was pregnant but she didn't let that stop her. Maybe it was this experience that turned Max in to a water rat.

Over 20 years later a new rafting trip was planned (once again at Neill's work) and this time all five of us took part. Great fun despite the freezing water.


As part of the Nesselwang summer programme the children could try diving in a local pool. Max took up the offer two years running and amazed us by swimming round and round the pool while submerged.

Update 2014: Many years later he followed up on this success by qualifying as a diver and then heading off to the reefs of the Red Sea to dive and video what he saw. You can read about his experiences in his blog at http://maxhogarth.blogspot.de/2014/11/egypt-2014-video.html You can also watch his video at youTube

Water Rescue

Max is in the Nesselwang water rescue. This is probably the reason that he is the fastest swimmer in our family. Every week they have training and in summer he has to do his duty at the local lake. The days he has duty he spends all day in or on the water either swimming or rowing.

The water rescue also take place in various competitions during the year where their swimming and rescue abilities are tested.

He is also a qualified rescue boat skipper which allows him to have fun in the water rescue speedboat on the Forgensee.

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