Land Rover

Alison's uncle owned a Land Rover and Neill had an old Series 2A before we were married so it is perhaps not difficult to understand why, once the size of the family meant a larger car, a Land Rover was the natural choice.

We bought it in 1999 and eventually sold it in 2006. In the intervening years it provided us with many adventures and was like one of the family.

tl_files/hogarth/Photos/8_002.jpgThe vehicle was a 1985 V8 110 safari (Larry). It was used for expeditions such as the one above to the Sahara and the one below to Scotland. It also got played with in quarries and used as the larger family car

When we weren''t driving in it we seemed to be mending something on it. Not a lot of the original vehicle was left, most things having been replaced at least once in the vehicles 20 years of use.

The way it should be

This photomontage was done by my brother and shows the ultimate off road machine. Naturally it is based on my Land Rover but the realisation will have to wait until I only need space for two people and find an engine small enough to fit inside. This is one of a series of photomontages which include a Land Rover helicopter and stretched Landy.

An idea for a new Land Rover
An idea for a new Land Rover
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